When people start feeling their Frankfort, Illinois home getting extremely hot or cold, they usually blame their old, rickety windows. While windows and doors can cause drafts, replacing or adding to the insulation in your home and properly air sealing can be much more effective and affordable than installing new energy efficient windows.


Do You Need New Windows?

In certain situations, it could be beneficial to replace your windows with new, energy efficient ones. This renovation, however, is usually quite costly and should be considered a last resort.

Even with brand new, energy efficient windows, your home may still experience excessive temperatures during the summer and unbearable cold in the winter. If your home is uncomfortable, the first steps you should take (steps that are far less expensive than new windows and offer more of an immediate return on investment) are to air seal and insulate your home.

How Can Air Sealing and Insulation Help My IL Home?

Insulation is crucial to keeping heat out of your home during the summer, and inside your home in the winter. However, insulation isn’t going to do its job effectively without proper air sealing.

Air sealing ensures that air isn’t going to sneak in and out through gaps in your home’s structure, and insulation prevents heat from entering or escaping. So why should you consider air sealing and insulating before installing new windows?

Air Sealing and Insulation Provide Huge Benefits

Your home has more wall and attic surface area than window surface area. Only addressing a small part of your home through new windows doesn’t provide as many benefits as improving the majority with air sealing and new insulation, such as highly efficient spray foam insulation. This will have a larger impact on your home’s temperature regulation than new windows would.

Windows Can Be Improved, Not Replaced

Often, windows in various conditions can be simply enhanced, instead of replaced entirely. With weatherstripping installation or by using plastic film to cover drafty windows, you can increase their efficiency and lifespan. Sealing gaps using cans of caulk or foam can also be extremely effective and is often a negligible expense.

Air Sealing and Insulation Helps You Save

In addition to having more impact in terms of actually helping your home, air sealing and insulation is more affordable than installing brand new windows. This alone will ensure you save money initially, though the combined services will also have a larger effect on cutting your ongoing energy bills. Keep more money in your pocket!

See the Benefits of Air Sealing and Insulation

Illinois families will get the most out of air sealing and properly insulating their homes. Don’t spend unnecessary money on new, energy efficient windows. Make sure your home is air sealed and insulated first!

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