The windows of your home serve more than one extremely important purpose - they let you see the neighborhood from the protection of your home, they let the daylight into your living space, and they are supposed to protect you from the unpredictable temperatures of the outdoors. But unfortunately, many windows here in the homes of Frankfort and the Chicagoland South area were poorly installed, or have deteriorated over time. 

The design and installation of your windows will have a noticeable effect on how much energy your windows allow in and out of your living space, which will have a noticeable effect on your home comfort and energy bills. 

Are Your Windows in Need of Replacement?

You see them everyday, and yet it is hard to know when you have reached the point where you will benefit from window replacement. There are a few “home performance” symptoms and signs you can look out for, such as:

  • Condensation on the window panes or between panes of glass 

  • Visible air gaps

  • Indoor drafts

  • Windows that won’t close all the way

All of these things indicate that your windows are allowing outside air in, while also allowing the conditioned air inside your home to escape out. Sometimes these window issues are hard to identify, and issues stemming from deteriorated or improperly installed windows are easy to blame on other things, like your heating and cooling equipment, or your insulation.  

Windows We Install

When you can find the perfect match of a trusted and experienced window installer, and the right window products, you can set your home up to experience the following benefits all year round:

  • Increased curb appeal and resale value

  • A more comfortable home

  • Reduced indoor drafts

  • Healthier indoor air quality

Here at Assured, we have hand picked from the best windows available, so you can be sure that no matter what you choose for your home window upgrade, it will be a slam dunk. We install the following windows:

Look Good & Feel Good in Your Home

The team at Assured Insulation is your trusted partner for your door and window replacement. We can work with nearly every budget, home design, and energy goals, and ensure your new windows leave you happy with how your home looks, and how your home feels.  

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about your replacement window and door options! Call Assured Insulation at 708.570.3260 or get in touch here.

Are your windows causing your home comfort issues?

We’ll help you find out!

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  • Overall experience was great, from the first visits for estimate Mike came across as very knowledgable person and clarified all queries over several contacts until scheduled appointment. For scheduling and payment Janine handled it very well. The installation team showed up on time, were very courteous and respectful of property. I couldn't catch the name of lead person during installation but he was extremely helpful through the process explaining each step, verifying expectations and clarifying any doubts, and showing pictures along. There were some changes to the steps as roof vent cutting was not needed, resulting in extra coordination but Tony stepped in quickly to resolve and revise the estimates/invoice.

    Amir R.