December 21, 2016

Home performance is a relatively new concept that explores the multiple facets of home functionality. More specifically, it’s a holistic approach aimed at understanding structural performance in regards to efficiency, safety, durability, and comfort. More and more, home performance seems to gain attention as homeowners become increasingly aware of things like energy consumption and indoor air quality.

Assured Insulation Solutions believes that home performance is extremely important. It teaches us how our homes affect both our health and finances, and allows us to take control over one of the biggest investments we make in our lives. Grasping exactly how our home should affect us isn’t always obvious. Not all of us can be experts, so it’s the job of home performance contractors to educate homeowners and take the proper steps to ensure homes are optimized for those levels of performance we just mentioned. Ask us and we’d be enthused to show you how.

Regarding those elements of home performance, there is a lot to be gained from Assured Insulation Solutions. We can investigate the safety of combustion appliances, which -- when malfunctioning -- can generate harmful (and infrequently lethal) levels of carbon monoxide. We can measure indoor air quality (IAQ) to discern if it’s any threat to your health. By analyzing the building envelope of a home we can address thermal performance, and take steps to reach a desired and deserved level of comfort. Such work will additionally affect the efficiency of a home, and ultimately save money on energy bills. Finally, the work we do is beneficial to the home itself, and will certainly add to its longevity.  

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