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Whether you’re considering a smaller project like sealing the air gaps around your windows or a larger project like a solar electric system installation, your first call should be to Assured Insulation Solutions. Our team of professionals has the experience, know-how, and attention to detail needed to help you find the right solutions for your Illinois or Indiana home.

Home Energy Audits

Home energy audit Frankfort, ILA home energy audit is the first step to a more comfortable and efficient home. We take a whole-house approach when conducting energy audits, using state-of-the-art tools to identify areas where your home is wasting energy. Through a diagnostic blower door test, we’ll evaluate the airtightness of your home and determine the overall leakage. Then, with thermal camera imaging, we’ll pinpoint specific areas of air leakage and moisture infiltration. After the audit has been completed, we recommend cost-effective solutions for conserving energy in your home. Homeowners in Frankfort and Illinois are shocked when they discover just how much energy they save by making a few simple improvements in their homes.

Free LED installation through a partnership of Ameren Illinois and Assured Insulation Solutions in Illinois, Illinois.Installation of Energy-Saving Products

We work with a wide variety of energy-saving products to give homeowners in Illinois exactly the energy efficient solutions they need. We’ll even work with your local utility company to install low-cost, energy-saving products as they are made available. For walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces, we remove old insulation and install new, energy efficient insulation for greater home comfort. We’ll install blown-in cellulose, blown-in fiberglass, traditional fiberglass batts, and/or spray foam insulation, according to your needs. For areas that have air leaks, we offer air sealing services for a more airtight home. The energy-saving products we install in your home will offer year-round benefits and help you save up to 30% on home heating and cooling costs.

Assured: Helping You Create a More Energy Efficient Home

We take pride in helping homeowners in Frankfort, the Chicago Southland, and Northern Indiana enhance energy efficiency in their homes. Through home energy audits and diagnostic testing, we help our clients find the most cost-effective solutions for their homes. Through services like insulation installation and air sealing, we help clients enjoy greater energy savings year-round. We also make energy efficiency more accessible for all, walking our clients through the process of obtaining all available rebates and financial incentives. For our clients who are considering going solar, we take a comprehensive approach to maximizing energy efficiency in the home prior to solar electric system installation. Whatever your energy efficiency needs, the experts at Assured Insulation Solutions are here to help.

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  • I had a family of raccoons in my attic that took over 3 months to
    get rid of them. The resulting mess required all the existing
    insulation had to be removed (combination blown in and rolled
    fiberglass on top of it. Also had 2 attic fans that needed to be
    replaced/removed, as well as the initial hole that was torn into the
    roof to get in by the mama raccoon. I hired Assured Insulation
    based on not only cost, but they are a preferred contractor of the
    EnergySmart Nicor rebate program. Other contractors I received
    a cost estimate from didn't even mention anything about rebates.
    This wasn't the usual mail in your form and 10­12 weeks later you
    receive a check. Assured did all the work and I received the max
    rebate right off the top of the bill. I did nothing, Assured Insulation
    did everything. As far as the work that was done. They did a
    superb job, could not have asked for a better job. Ed repaired the
    roof hole, removed 1 attic fan and replaced another as well as
    redirected the vent from my bathroom fan up thru the roof
    (building code) vs to the soffit. Initially, he told me they may have
    to do that, but there were no hundreds of dollars of add-ons, $50
    over their original bid and that included a special spray that the
    other contractors had said they use because of the raccoons. Able
    and the rest of the crew, who worked together very well as a
    team and were very courteous and considerate of us. They
    performed leakage tests before starting work and after
    completion (as part of their requirements for the rebates, not
    mine).  They removed all the existing insulation, including what
    the raccoons left behind.  Sealed all the ceiling fixtures and
    between walls (tagged them as well so they can be found after
    insulation was blown in). Sprayed the special Microban to
    neutralize ceilings below from the critters presence. ? Installed
    baffles to allow attic to breathe and allow heat to rise over the
    insulation.  Sealed & filled in areas that leak (Kitchen soffits
    open and exposed, bathroom). Built up areas that were below
    the 16" height of the insulation, added additional foam backing to
    entrance doors to the attic(s) And lastly, if I hadn't been there
    during the process and came home, well you would barely know
    that anyone even showed up. They removed all remnants of new
    or old insulation, cleaned the area leading to the attics, the
    hallways, floors, walls. just a terrific, terrific job, well beyond my
    expectations. I would whole heartedly recommend Assured
    Insulation Solutions to anyone. I don't do testimonials like this for
    work, but I can't say enough about the job they did.

    Jack C. 8/10/17