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I want to thank you for a job well done. It was a pleasure working with you and the team of young men from Assured. They were very efficient and professional. Working with them made this project virtually effortless for our staff and residents. Once again, thank you.

- April R., Brainard Landings - Property Manager, Lincoln IL 62656 

Call now for your FREE assessment and qualifying buildings will receive: FREE ATTIC INSULATION and AIR SEALING from a locally owned and operated company.

We are excited to announce that Assured Insulation Solutions is once again participating in a multifamily rebate program for insulation and air sealing. As in the past, the work done on qualified properties is done at no cost to the building owner or occupants. The entire cost is paid by the rebates provided by the utility company and paid directly to us after the project is complete. It is important to take action now and get your buildings included for the next round of funding which starts June 1, 2016. It is important to act now as funding is typically exhausted very quickly in the budget year.

Over the past five years we have provided millions of dollars in rebates to our clients and NONE of our multifamily building owners or managers have been required to pay a single penny for the work done under the rebate program.

Located in Frankfort, Illinois and serving the greater Chicago Southland and Northern Indiana, we are able to service an extensive coverage area. We are able to insulate any kind of multifamily building, including insulation for electric heated apartments. Equally important, we are locally owned and operated. Our installers are all full-time employees who live and work in our local economy.

Assured Insulation Solutions is a certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) company. This means in addition to the owners, managers and sales staff, each of our crews have crew leaders, who have taken and passed multiple certifications in building science, specifically concerning building envelope and building analysis issues to include safety testing and evaluation of test results. This ensures your project will be done correctly and to the highest standard in the industry.

Contact us today at the numbers listed below if you have any questions or to schedule your appointment to have your buildings put on the list for the next round of funding. We look forward to working with you and helping your complex become more energy efficient.

Don’t waste anymore money or energy. Find out about all the ways Assured can save you money with your multifamily building today — contact us or call us at 708.570.3260  to schedule a free consultation!

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  • I was blown away by the incredibly rapid response to my request for assistance. I truly appreciated being able to walk through the entire house with the thermal camera getting immediate feedback with the problem areas. I could not believe how fast people got here and began addressing the problems. The employees were not what I was used to dealing with. If I or my wife asked a question, they would stop what they were doing and listen to the question. They would answer with a smile and often take us to the area we were concerned about and thoroughly explain and show us what we needed to know. Each day they would show us what they had done and let us know what was going to happen the next day. Each day the furnace ran less and less while the house got quieter. At the end of the job, a complete explanation of the entire process was confirmed. I truly believe that for the size house we have, what it took to get the house insulated correctly, and the amount of money spent to get to that point, was beyond reasonable. Our expectations were not only met, they were exceeded. We can't thank you and your guys enough!

    Anthony M.