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Preventing Ice Dams from the Very Beginning

When homeowners in Illinois think about the winter months, ice dams often come to mind. Anyone who has ever experienced the stress that can come along with the formation of ice dams knows that it’s best to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible once discovering it exists. Ice dam prevention is possible, regardless of how lost you may feel.

Not sure how ice dams come about? Here are a few things to understand about why this problem can be so destructive to your home, as well as how you should approach it. 

The Formation of Ice Dams 

Take a moment to think about the roof of your home.

ice dam prevention Frankfort ILRegardless of how it’s shaped, snow will accumulate over time as storms come through our area. As the warm air that exists in your attic rises and escapes, it hits this snow before anything else, causing it to melt. This snowmelt will then move towards a cooler location, the edge of your home’s roof and your gutters, at which point it can easily freeze, creating an ice dam.

This may not sound like a detrimental scenario at face value, but the issues that can result are impossible to ignore. Water seepage can make its way through the roof and into your attic, thus soaking and destroying the insulation and valuable possessions you may have up in your attic. The problem doesn’t stop there, however, as if seepage is particular problematic, it will escape your attic and makes its way into living areas in your home, ruining walls, floors and everything in-between.

Clearly, there’s got to be a better solution, and we’re here to help.

Let Assured Insulation Solutions Prevent Ice Dams for Good

At Assured Insulation Solutions LLC., we have a strong understanding of how to keep ice dams from forming on your roof. Checking ventilation, installing new insulation and focusing on proper air sealing are all essential to ensuring that ice dams become a thing of the past, and we’re extremely knowledgeable in all of these areas. We can create a sealed home envelope that eliminates uneven heat loss to your roof. Ice dams only occur if your home suffers from home performance issues, and the sooner you can take care of the problem, the better. 

Assured Insulation Solutions is here to help with ice dam prevention in Frankfort, South Chicagoland, and Northern Indiana. Contact us today to learn more about putting a stop to ice dams.

Ready to stop ice dams in their tracks this season?

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  • I had a family of raccoons in my attic that took over 3 months to
    get rid of them. The resulting mess required all the existing
    insulation had to be removed (combination blown in and rolled
    fiberglass on top of it. Also had 2 attic fans that needed to be
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    (building code) vs to the soffit. Initially, he told me they may have
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    completion (as part of their requirements for the rebates, not
    mine).  They removed all the existing insulation, including what
    the raccoons left behind.  Sealed all the ceiling fixtures and
    between walls (tagged them as well so they can be found after
    insulation was blown in). Sprayed the special Microban to
    neutralize ceilings below from the critters presence. ? Installed
    baffles to allow attic to breathe and allow heat to rise over the
    insulation.  Sealed & filled in areas that leak (Kitchen soffits
    open and exposed, bathroom). Built up areas that were below
    the 16" height of the insulation, added additional foam backing to
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    Jack C. 8/10/17