Caulking gun used to plug up gaps and cracks in your home envelope so your conditioned air stays where it belongs, inside the home.
We all try to be, and should be, mindful of our energy consumption. It's not just good for the environment, it can help us save a pretty penny on energy bills. And since the lion's share of energy costs come from heating and cooling, our building envelope should be a point of focus in that conservative effort. Cracks and leaks in the building envelope mean our energy is being wasted heating or cooling the outdoors. So we want to do anything we can to bolster
Infographic of a home that shows all the different air leaks and common places to air seal.

Home performance is a relatively new concept that explores the multiple facets of home functionality. More specifically, it’s a holistic approach aimed at understanding structural performance in regards to efficiency, safety, durability, and comfort. More and more, home performance seems to gain attention as homeowners become increasingly aware of things like energy consumption and indoor air quality.

Infrared image taken by a thermal camera that shows the different sources of air leaks in the home

Infrared diagnostic testing is great because it leaves you with evidence that you can always refer to. The result of the test, ultimately, is a collection of images showing the problem areas in need of attention, so even if you don't act on them immediately, you know exactly where to find them. From there it's only a matter of proper insulation and air sealing to fix things up, and you're well on your way to saving money

Crawl space that needs to be sealed away from the rest of the home in order to ensure indoor air quality and comfort levels remian
In the realm of home performance there are many voices telling us to keep our homes sealed up tight and well insulated. Anything short of that and we’re wasting money, energy, and sacrificing comfort. Assured Insulation Solutions agrees with that sentiment, but we also recognize that, for many curious homeowners, this raises a question: “Can I seal my home too tight?” We all know that ventilation is important for maintaining air quality, so it stands to reason that sealing up too much isn’t a good thing. But truthfully, it’s not something to worry about.
Thermal camera used for an Energy Audit performed by Assured Insulation Solutions, LLC.

Energy bills can be surprising, stressful, and, above all else, confusing. It often seems like we’re spending too much to not understand where our money is going. And the bill itself doesn’t give us any information as to how we could reduce our current energy usage, so we’re left in the dark, not knowing how to lighten the load. Fortunately, there are home energy audits, a service we offer here at Assured Insulation Solutions, that can point to problem areas and appliances that are unnecessarily costing you money.

Thermostat on the wall with a hand adjusting the temperature.
There are a lot of ways to strengthen the efficiency of a home. And those of us interested in changing our energy consumption habits could be influenced by a few different factors: we’ve become environmentally conscious and feel a sense of responsibility to reduce our energy usage; we feel motivated to reach for a level of self-sufficiency; we feel it’s a smart investment financially; we think it could make our lives more comfortable. Those are some of the main reasons.
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When people build or buy new homes, they want to believe that they won’t run into any home performance issues for a long time. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even new homes can suffer from problems, whether they relate to home comfort, energy efficiency or anything in between. Many Illinois homeowners attempt to save money by taking things into their own hands, but the fact remains that some jobs must be performed by a trained professional—you need to have a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified contractor on your side.

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