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Are you sick of trying to fall asleep in a hot 2nd floor bedroom? Don't blame your air conditioner—it could be your insulation! Assured Insulation has been helping homeowners throughout Frankfort & Chicago Southland, IL cool down their second floor with professional insulation, crawlspace encapsulation, and air sealing.

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Does the Midwest summer humidity have your home smelling musty & feeling muggy? The high humidity & summer heat in the Frankfort, IL area can cause mold to multiply in your home. Learn how to control the moisture in your home from the home performance experts at Assured Insulation, Frankfort's insulation experts.

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Wondering how long your existing attic insulation may last? Learn which signs will indicate it's time to replace the insulation in your Illinois or Indiana home from the experts at Assured Insulation. Assured Insulation is a professional insulation contractor based in Frankfort, IL.

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Moisture in your crawlspace can lead to a number of insidious issues for your Chicago Southland or Northwest Indiana home, like mold growth and structural damage. Keep your crawlspace dry with professional crawlspace encapsulation services from the home performance experts at Assured Insulation!

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If your crawlspace is musty, dusty, or humid, it could have a negative impact on your home's health. Seal your crawlspace and reduce the moisture in your Frankfort and Chicagoland, IL home with the home performance specialists at Assured Insulation for better air quality, comfort, and efficiency.

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Proper insulation is key when trying to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. While it might be easy to tell that your home could use an insulation upgrade, do you know how much you need? Or where you need it? The experts at Assured Insulation are here to help.

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Learn how heat escapes your home through recessed lights, attic hatches, windows and doors as well as how proper insulation in your Frankfort or Chicagoland, IL home will keep your much needed heat inside this winter. Assured Insulation professionally installs insulation for year round home comfort and energy savings.

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How do you know which home performance contractor to trust with your insulation upgrades and basement encapsulation? Assured Insulation walks you through the credentials, certifications, and reviews you should be looking for in a home performance contractor here in Frankfort and Chicagoland, IL.

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Don’t risk running your new furnace, heat pump, or HVAC system into the ground in a leaky, under-insulated home. Assured Insulation has seen many South Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana homeowners benefit from upgrading their insulation and a professional air seal with our local insulation experts.
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Stay comfortable year round with proper insulation and air sealing. Combined together, this duo is one of the best ways to ensure your house stays energy efficient. Get started with an energy audit from the experts at Assured!


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