December 21, 2016
Thermal camera used for energy assessments in Illinois, IL by Assured Insulation Solutions, LLC. Energy bills can be surprising, stressful, and, above all else, confusing. It often seems like we’re spending too much to not understand where our money is going. And the bill itself doesn’t give us any information as to how we could reduce our current energy usage, so we’re left in the dark, not knowing how to lighten the load. Fortunately, there are home energy audits, a service we offer here at Assured Insulation Solutions, that can point to problem areas and appliances that are unnecessarily costing you money.

Home energy audits comprise of several comprehensive steps to analyze and diagnose a home’s energy consumption. Our auditors here at Assured Insulation Solutions approach these tests with myriad tools at their disposal, to measure energy usage, locate structural deficiencies, and take a thorough visual inspection of the house.

Here are some of the basic steps you can expect during the energy audit process:

  1. Analysis of past energy bills
  2. General discussion with homeowner about specific issues and energy usage
  3. Exterior visual inspection
  4. A health and safety inspection
  5. Interior visual inspection
  6. Electrical system analysis (for safety and usage data)
  7. Combustion appliance inspection
  8. Blower door test
  9. Analysis and report of findings

The report you receive following an energy audit will illustrate exactly how your home is using energy, and provide steps you can take to begin tackling your energy consumption issues. Remember, the audit is only useful so long as you act on the information discovered in the process. Assured Insulation Solutions would be more than happy to help you do that.

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