December 5, 2017

There are a lot of things Illinois homeowners can do to button up their homes for the winter. Few of them pack more power than the combination of a home energy audit, air sealing and insulation.

Get an Energy Audit

A home energy audit will tell you exactly where your home is losing energy and wasting your energy dollars. We use state-of-the-art techniques, like thermal camera imaging, to target areas for improvement. This lets us get to the root of the problem while preventing you from spending money on upgrades that may not make a noticeable difference in your home’s comfort.

A home energy audit helps prioritize where you should invest for the greatest return, so you can:

  • Improve the overall comfort and air quality of your home.

  • Save on your energy bills.

  • Increase the safety, efficiency and life of your heating and cooling systems.

Air Seal Your Home

Air sealing lets us stop leaks that allow cold air to enter your house and warm air to escape, causing drafts. Using the information we gather during a home energy audit, we are able to locate these small gaps and cracks so your home can be more comfortable and energy efficient year-round.

Improve Your Insulation

Locating and sealing the gaps in your Frankfort or Illinois home is just the first step to better comfort this winter. Insulating your living area is the second. Most homes do not have sufficient insulation: in fact, nearly 9 out of 10 fall into this category.

Appropriate insulation in your walls and floors, and especially your attic, is critical to keeping your home’s temperature where you want it to be. All year long, insulation prevents heat from passing through — keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • Attic insulation
    Insulating your attic holds the warm air within your living space and keeps the rooms below the attic from becoming even colder in frigid winter weather. In addition, a well-insulated attic prevents ice dams from forming, so you avoid a host of other expensive issues, such as water and structural damage.

  • Wall insulation
    Well-insulated walls keep out the cold, moisture and excess noise and hold the warm air in for increased comfort and a healthier, more pleasant home environment.

  • Basement and crawl space insulation
    If your basement isn’t part of your living space, you don’t want to pay to heat it. Nor do you want the cold, moist air of your basement or crawl space coming upstairs to invade your living areas. Insulation protects your living space from unconditioned air, to help you avoid issues with moisture and mold as well as allergens and other irritants.

Once your home is air sealed and insulated, your heating and cooling systems can start doing their jobs better using less fuel and energy. They’ll operate longer with less wear and tear, and you’ll pay less for utilities while enjoying a higher level of comfort at home.

Give your home and family triple protection from cold this winter. Contact us to begin by scheduling a home energy audit today.


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