December 13, 2017

Ice dams are a common issue during the winter here in Illinois. More than a mere nuisance, ice dams are a sign of a larger problem in your home. If you had ice dams last year and have not taken action to prevent them, you’re going to have them again this winter, next winter, and the winter after that. Rather than letting your roof and attic become susceptible to water damage, it’s important to break the cycle by addressing the root of the problem.

What Causes Ice Dams

Preventing ice dams starts with understanding what really causes them in the first place. They start when warmth from your home’s conditioned spaces seeps into your attic and escapes through the roof. This raises your roof’s temperature and causes accumulated snow on the roof to melt. This melted snow flows down your roof and then refreezes along the edges of your roof where it is cooler. Ice eventually builds up along the edge of your roof, forming a dam that prevents other melted snow from draining off. This can cause water to leak into your home and damage ceilings, walls, insulation, and more.

Stop Ice Dams for Good with Insulation & Ventilation

Because ice dams start when warmth from your home seeps into your attic, it’s important to prevent heat from flowing into your attic in the first place. Proper attic insulation will create a thermal barrier between your home’s living spaces and your unconditioned attic, stopping heat in its tracks before it can move up into the attic during the winter. In addition to attic insulation, proper roof ventilation will keep your roof cool, further preventing ice dams from forming.

Goodbye Ice Dams, Hello Home Comfort

By taking steps to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof, you’ll also gain added home comfort and energy efficiency. When you insulate your attic, warmth from your home will stay in your home’s conditioned spaces rather than escaping through the attic. Temperatures in your home will become more stable, and you’ll start seeing lower heating bills. Appropriate ventilation, meanwhile, helps ensure proper moisture levels and allows hot air to escape your attic during the summer months. So instead of letting ice dams form on your roof again this winter, start reaping the benefits of ice dam prevention for your home in Frankfort or Illinois. Assured Insulation Solutions can create a custom solution for you that prevents ice dams while also boosting home comfort and energy efficiency.

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