August 30, 2018
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Insulation has a tendency to deteriorate over time due to water damage and pollutants, especially in key areas like the attic and basement. This leaves you to battle issues like fluctuating temperatures and high energy bills. Is it time for you to remove old insulation and replace it with new, high performance insulation?

What’s in Your Old Insulation?

Insulation can become a breeding ground for a number of unwanted guests.

  • Water damage

  • Mold

  • Critters

  • Vermin

  • Bad odors

Benefits of Insulation Removal

Removing old insulation and replacing it with new insulation offers a wide range of benefits.

  • A healthy home free of mold, pests & odors

  • More consistent indoor temperatures

  • Reduced stress on your HVAC systems

  • Lower monthly utility bills

  • Minimized carbon footprint

  • Higher home resale value

Hire a Professional

Insulation removal isn’t something you should DIY. An experienced professional has the right equipment to remove old insulation safely and properly.

Need to replace your old insulation? We can help!

We use an industry-grade vacuum to ensure every bit of old insulation is removed from your home. Then, we can install new insulation to keep your home comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.


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