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November 21, 2018

As another year of serving homeowners in Frankfort, IL and northwest Indiana begins to wind down, our ductwork and insulation technicians have started to reflect on some of the wild and crazy jobs we have seen since January. One of the things that has kept Assured Insulation motivated to make our neighbors homes safer, more comfortable, and performing better is the success stories we get to reminisce on at the end of the year. So here are some of our favorites from this last year!

Coming Down with the “Flue”

We arrived at this northwest Indiana home with the goal of properly air sealing the attic and upgrading their deteriorating insulation. What we found was a shock, and we were amazed that no one had been hospitalized for CO poisoning (carbon monoxide). The furnace flue had completely disconnected and was leaking exhaust from the furnace into the attic. This is an extremely dangerous situation, and we were lucky to catch it before it caused any additional damage occurred.

Plus, this flue repair came at no cost to the tenant, and the air sealing and insulation upgrades meant that the energy bills henceforth were reduced in a safer, more comfortable home!

“Our Realtor Has a Guy for That”

This customer called to have a utility program energy assessment and said that their realtor had brought in a guy to come in and fix their furnace. This fix involved telling the tenant that there was a blockage in the furnace exhaust, and instead of clearing the blockage, he cut the pipe and walked away! This defies all CO safety protocol. Not surprisingly, the family living in this home experienced a series of health issues that started right after this “fix.”


We’re Addicted to Attics

In one week we had a series of attic jobs where we found disconnected ductwork and gaping holes to seal. When neglected, ductwork deteriorates to the point of disconnecting, and it can waste thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Your heating and cooling equipment works extra hard to send heat to your living space, but with disconnected ductwork, that heat never makes it there. And if there are holes and gaps between your living space and your attic, any of the conditioned air that finally does make it out can end up slipping right back up into your attic.

Notice the spray foam we installed around the floor of the attic to prevent any air from leaking in or out of the attic.

Close Out 2018 Happy & Healthy with Assured Insulation

The midwest winter will no doubt have you relying on your furnace over the holidays, and if your furnace and ductwork are faulty, you could be at risk of excessive carbon monoxide exposure. So stay safe and comfortable this holiday season by calling Assured Insulation! We are happy to give you a free consultation with insights on what you can do to boost your home’s energy efficiency, as well as your overall health and comfort. We even offer multi-family energy efficiency services for owners and managers of multi-family buildings and properties.

Keep your home happy and healthy this holiday season—schedule your energy assessment today with Assured Insulation! Call us at 708.570.3260 or contact us today.

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