When most people think “recessed lighting,” energy loss is not one of the first things that comes to mind. Instead, they’re thinking about ambiance, comfort, mood and everything else that can easily be affected by lighting within a home. What often goes overlooked about recessed lighting, however, is just how much of an impact it can have on home performance. This is especially true for homes in which recessed lighting is featured prominently, as the more recessed fixtures within a home, the more likely it is that energy loss will occur.

How Does Recessed Lighting Lead to Energy Loss?

The process of installing recessed lighting in a home involves creating openings that may not have otherwise existed, especially if the lighting is being installed as part of a retrofit. Unsurprisingly, this process can create a number of cracks and gaps that allow for airflow to occur. This not only leads to conditioned air flowing freely out of the home, but can allow allergens, household dust and debris to move from behind your recessed lighting to within your living space.


While the indoor air quality issues associated with recessed lighting can be problematic enough, they don’t scratch the surface of how much energy you may be losing through the cracks and gaps created during the installation process. Many people first see signs of the issue through their rising energy bills, which can be seemingly harmless until they keep going up with no end in sight.

How Can You Spot the Problem?

If your recessed lights were retrofitted or were not properly installed, you’ll be able to easily see the problem.

Check out this recent picture we took from and Illinois home. Does your insulation look discolored near the light, like in this picture?

This can indicate that your recessed lighting was not air sealed. Your insulation is now acting as an air filter by collecting dirt and other airborne contaminants. Not only is this ruining your home’s energy efficiency, it’s actively threatening the air quality in your home.


The Solution? Let Assured Properly Insulate Your Attic!  

At Assured Insulation Solutions, we hold strong beliefs that the combination of air sealing and insulation can play a key role in ensuring safe air quality and boosting energy efficiency in any home. Illinois temperature variations make it even more necessary for homeowners in the area to consider insulating and air sealing areas in which recessed lighting is present, especially during our cold winters.

The team at Assured has the knowledge and experience it takes to keep recessed lighting from causing home performance issues in your home, and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and needs. Once the work has been performed, you can expect to enjoy improved indoor air quality, reduced energy bills and an overall sense of enhanced home comfort.


Don’t let recessed lighting be a source of energy loss in your home. Contact us to learn more and to schedule an appointment.