If you’re a first-time homebuyer, chances are you’ve felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that’s been thrown at you. With so many different things to take into consideration, knowing how to best spend your money on a home can be an exercise in frustration. It’s no secret that people today are putting a larger emphasis on “going green,” which has people all throughout the Frankfort area aiming to decrease their impact on the environment.


If you’ve recently purchased a home in Illinois and are looking for ways in which to make it as efficient as possible, look no further than insulation from Assured Insulation Solutions.

The Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Have you ever thought about the quality of your indoor air? It’s something that often goes overlooked, especially in homes where people are so busy they rarely get a moment to slow down. The fact is, a lack of insulation and air sealing can result in fumes from the garage and outdoors entering the home. It may sound shocking, but given that as many as 90% of U.S. homes are affected by a lack of insulation, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is actually a much larger problem than most people realize.


Indoor air quality may suffer when insulation is lacking, but so does energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Have you ever noticed those pesky drafts that never seem to disappear on windy days? This is most likely due to insufficient insulation and air sealing. Fortunately, fixing the problem isn’t quite as difficult as you might think.

Assured — Making Your Home More Comfortable

At Assured Insulation Solutions, we believe that few things matter quite as much as being able to head back to a comfortable home environment after a long day. We take a “whole home” approach to every home we service, whether it is new construction or decades old. Our approach to enhancing home performance takes into consideration a number of different elements, including the tightness of your home envelope and how well insulated the home is overall.


We’ve seen firsthand just how much of an impact air sealing and insulation can have on home comfort. By tightening up the home envelope, you can keep unwanted air exchange from occurring between your home’s conditioned and unconditioned spaces, thus cutting down on energy loss and keeping your family safe and comfortable this winter.


Ready to see what new high-performance insulation can do for your home? Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!