December 21, 2016

In the realm of home performance there are many voices telling us to keep our homes sealed up tight and well insulated. Anything short of that and we’re wasting money, energy, and sacrificing comfort. Assured Insulation Solutions agrees with that sentiment, but we also recognize that, for many curious homeowners, this raises a question: “Can I seal my home too tight?” We all know that ventilation is important for maintaining air quality, so it stands to reason that sealing up too much isn’t a good thing. But truthfully, it’s not something to worry about.

We should be mindful, of course, that airflow is necessary to filter out unhealthy dust and mold that floats around in the air we breath. Not surprisingly, an airtight home with no mechanical ventilation is hazardous. What we need to recognize, though, is that achieving that extreme level of air sealing is quite unlikely, especially in older homes. And since newer homes are typically well ventilated (or at least they should be), over-sealing isn’t much of a threat to anyone.

Instead of worrying about sealing up too tight, homeowners should focus on the needs of their particular house; is it an old home that needs significant air sealing, or a newer home that just needs a pesky draft fixed? Another thing to keep in mind is that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stands by a recommended air exchange rate of .35 ACH (air changes per hour), and most homes are far beyond that -- there should be plenty of room for improvement.

Assured Insulation Solutions recommends that homeowners seal up to their hearts content and complement that effort with proper ventilation. Ultimately, we want to satisfy a level of comfort and adhere to the EPA's minimum recommended ACH.  Let our experts conduct your energy assessment and help you prioritize your efficiency upgrades. The sooner you get started, the sooner you start saving money. Don't be afraid of air sealing!

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