June 12, 2018
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Summers here in Frankfort, Illinois, and northwest Indiana can be unbelievably humid. Most homeowners associate the humidity with frizzy hair and feeling uncomfortable indoors; but did you know that excess humidity can actually harm your home and your health?

If you want your home to be healthy and comfortable this summer, make sure you take the right measures to control your indoor humidity.

Why Worry about Excess Indoor Humidity?

Excess indoor moisture can have major effects on your home’s indoor air quality and structural integrity. Allergens like mold and dust mites, for example, thrive when indoor humidity is consistently above 50%. This leads to poor indoor air quality and causes health symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.

Excess moisture can also lead to structural issues like peeling wall paint, crumbling drywall, and wood rotting. Moisture can even accumulate on your insulation, making it no longer effective at keeping your home comfortable.

What You Can Do to Control Indoor Moisture

With the right home improvements, you can control indoor moisture while making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Air sealing and insulation are two cost-effective home upgrades that pair well with home ventilation for controlling summer humidity.

Keep Moisture Out with Air Sealing

Many homes in Illinois and Indiana contain air leaks which allow warm, humid air to seep in during the summer. Air sealing closes up these leaks, keeping humidity out and allowing your AC system to do a better job of removing excess moisture from the air.

Upgrade Your Insulation

After air sealing, adding insulation to key areas such as the attic and walls will further enhance home comfort by keeping outdoor heat out. Insulation upgrades also offer benefits like increased home energy efficiency and lower energy costs. An insulation specialist can help you determine the amount of insulation your home needs.

Install an Attic Fan

Well sealed and insulated homes need proper ventilation. If you’re improving your home with attic insulation, you may want to consider installing an attic fan to vent out excess moisture.

A More Comfortable Home Starts with an Energy Audit

Assured Insulation Solutions is an insulation company that offers a variety of home performance upgrades to make your home comfortable year-round. If you’re looking to make your home a cool oasis this summer, schedule an energy audit with the Assured experts. We’ll assess your home and determine exactly what your home needs for better relief from the summer heat and humidity.

Home performance upgrades like air sealing and insulation make your home more comfortable in the summer. Call 708.570.3260 or contact us to learn more.

Make excess indoor moisture a thing of the past with the right home comfort upgrades.

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