Crawlspaces are very commonly found in the Frankfort, IL area. Most crawlspaces in IL homes are unencapsulated, which means they’re filled with dirt, debris, insects, mold and a host of other contaminants.

You may think your crawlspace is “out of sight, out of mind,” but the fact is that stack effect pushes air through the crawlspace that will inevitably make its way into your home’s living spaces, bringing with it any number of contaminants it picks up along the way. The solution? Retrofit your crawlspace!

Why Retrofit?

Aside from the fact that your crawlspace can potentially contribute to poor indoor air quality, there are a number of reasons to consider a retrofit. Doing so will allow you to address a number of moisture issues at once, greatly reducing your risk of mold growth. Because the crawlspace is insulated in a retrofit, the floor above it becomes more comfortable. You’ll enjoy a boost in energy savings, a more structurally-sound home and a new, conditioned storage area in your crawlspace.

Plus, pipes inside of a conditioned crawlspace won’t freeze, even if it gets extremely cold outside. This alone is reason enough for many Illinois residents to consider looking into a retrofit.

Assured Energy Solutions Can Help

At Assured Energy Solutions, our team has developed a keen sense of understanding of just how important it is to insulate and encapsulate a crawlspace. We’ve seen crawlspaces of all shapes and sizes and have the knowledge and experience it takes to deal with all sorts of different situations. Our encapsulation specialists will work with you to discuss your needs and develop a plan that will take care of issues related to your crawlspace once and for all. From there, you’ll enjoy the benefits of better indoor air quality, reduced energy bills and a cleaner home environment.

It’s time to seal-up that crawlspace with insulation and air sealing for good and enhance home performance in your home. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.