Fall is on its way, which has many homeowners in the Springfield areas taking a closer look at their heating systems to ensure that they’re ready for the ensuing winter. Perhaps you’ve noticed issues for years or you’d like to get a jump on problems that have just recently started to show themselves. Either way, you may be thinking about getting a new HVAC system for your home, as naturally, this is the best way to stay warm this winter...right?


Sort of. A new HVAC system can certainly do wonders in terms of keeping the winter chill at bay, but only if your home is properly insulated.

The Importance of Insulation —Year-round

Insulation is the type of thing that many people don’t necessarily think about. It works silently for us in the background, acting as a barrier between the conditioned air inside our homes and the unconditioned air outside. Most often associated with the winter months of the year, insulation is actually just as important when it’s hot out during the summer due to its ability to effectively block heat transfer. In other words, it’s the gatekeeper for the air you’re paying to either cool during the summertime or heat during the winter.

Most homeowners don’t even realize that their homes lack insulation, which is something that affects as many as 90% of homes throughout the country. Over time, insulation becomes old, dirty and thin, which may result in the occurrence of drafts or other home comfort issues. The R-value—essentially insulating power per square inch—of today’s high-performance insulation far surpasses that of the insulation found in most homes that were built over a decade ago, and with options such as spray foam insulation and cellulose, there’s an insulating material for every home and particular set of circumstances.

Benefits of Insulation for Your HVAC System

Ask any home performance contractor, and they’ll likely tell you that beefing up insulation in your home is an important step to take before installing a new HVAC system. Why? New insulation for your home means an increased ability to retain heat, which results in less work for your HVAC system. Over time, the equipment will be less likely to require repair, your energy bills will be reduced and your HVAC system will enjoy a longer lifespan—all thanks to the wonders of high-performance insulation.


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