March 20, 2017

After winter many of us are looking forward to the arrival of spring. However, while spring can be a time of relief for most of us, the turn of the season can bring its own discomfort for many. If you are one of the many  Frankfort area residents that struggles with seasonal allergies, spring can be a very difficult time. Many people will find their symptoms intensified by the increased pollen, dander, mold, and spore production, and as a result will spend much of their spring indoors. However, even if you attempt to isolate yourself from the outdoor allergens, there can still be multiple hidden dangers found inside your own home. These are dangers that can not only cause discomfort, but for many can aggravate allergies even more.

Indoor Allergy Risks

The average American spends approximately 90% of their day inside, however there can be many hidden risks that make preserving healthy indoor air quality difficult.  Hidden factors, such as mold, rot, moisture, and noxious gases can all cause harm to homeowners, often without them realizing it. These conditions can negatively affect the health of anyone, and can be especially harmful to people with allergies.

On average, 47.1 million Americans struggle with allergies or asthma every single day, and it is estimated that 15% of these people are actually allergic to certain parts of their own homes. For many, factors such as mold, excessive moisture, dander, and dust, can not only diminish overall health, but also aggravate allergy symptoms. Hidden leaks in your home can also aggravate the problem by allowing outside allergens, such as pollen and dander, to leak into your residence. With all these hidden risks it can seem impossible to avoid these dangers, both inside and outside of the home, however Assured Insulation Solutions has the answer to providing you some relief this spring.

The Spray Foam Solution to the Indoor Allergens

Spray foam insulation can eliminate and prevent the spread of allergens all throughout your home. By sealing certain leakage points in your home, spray foam effectively separates your home’s air from the outdoors, keeping pollen out. Other types of insulation are also effective in eliminating the problem, but spray foam has a higher R-value rating than most insulations, meaning that it has a higher resistance to heat flow per inch. As such, spray foam not only provides an effective air barrier, but also a moisture barrier, preventing allergens, pollen, dust or mold from affecting your home’s indoor air quality. Taking this simple step forward can not only provide major health benefits, but also substantial allergy relief.

If you suffer with seasonal allergies and want to significantly lower your symptoms, spray foam can be an extremely effective solution for your home. Spray foam will not only stop outside allergens from entering your residence, but also prevent excess moisture from spreading on the inside of your house. This solution can not only have a drastic effect on your allergy symptoms, but can also increase the comfort-level of you and your family all year long.    

Interested in taking that next step? Reduce seasonal allergies and enjoy spring again with help from Assured Insulation Solutions. Contact us today for an air sealing and insulation consultation!