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July 7, 2022

Getting your sweat on every once in a while is a great thing for your health, but sweat and condensation in your pole barn can cause some real issues for your storage space! No matter what you use your pole barn for, if you are dealing with excess condensation, you need to make some upgrades. 

Here’s what you need to know about how condensation gets there in the first place, and how to stop your Frankfort or Chicagoland pole barn from sweating.

Why A Pole Barn Sweats

The “sweat” you see in a pole barn is a symptom of excess moisture and sub-prime temperatures. Pole barns are cost-effective, however, sometimes the bare-bones construction of a pole barn can leave air leaks and very little (if any) insulation. Air leaks allow the humid Illinois air to infiltrate and accumulate, while the lack of insulation will allow heat to accumulate, also. The moisture in the air then meets the dew point inside your hot pole barn, and water droplets begin to form on the walls and doors, and windows. 

This excess moisture will accelerate mold growth, hurt your pole barn’s structural integrity,, and cause damage to whatever you are storing in your barn space. If you are going to protect your investment, you’re going to want to invest in upgrades like pole barn ventilation, insulation, and air sealing.

How to Stop Pole Barn Condensation

Assured Insulation helps homeowners live in healthier, more efficient, more comfortable homes through science-based home performance upgrades. Many of these upgrades have helped pole barn owners improve the efficiency of their storage spaces as well! 

Start with air sealing

The first step in preventing excess moisture in your barn is to seal off any air leaks that are allowing outside humidity to accumulate. This can be done using diagnostic tools like an infrared camera, combined with our building science experience and expertise. This gives you more control over the air inside your pole barn and will even keep out other air contaminants like pollen and smog. 

Insulate your pole barn

While air sealing prevents outside air from entering your barn, insulation prevents outside temperatures from affecting your pole barn’s interior. Insulation slows the transfer of heat that happens through the walls and roof, stabilizing the temperature inside year-round. 

Ventilate your pole barn

Depending on what you use your pole barn for, it may be necessary to mechanically ventilate it. This is the process of actively moving the contaminated, humid air inside back outside, and replacing it with cleaner air. Ventilation can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your pole barn, making the space healthier and more comfortable.

Improve Your Pole Barn with Assure Insulation 

With these upgrades to your pole barn, you are investing in the long-term health and comfort of your storage space. Addressing condensation issues will make the space more usable for whatever you need it for, whether that’s a storage space, a workshop,  an office, or some combination of all three, air sealing, insulating, and in some cases ventilating your barn will offer year-round benefits like:

  • Stable temperatures

  • Healthier humidity levels

  • Less need for heating and cooling equipment

Assured Insulation Solutions has been helping Illinois homeowners improve their pole barns for over a decade, and we have learned the ins and outs through experience and a dedication to getting the job done right. We choose from the best insulation materials available and rely on diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the custom solutions that will provide the maximum benefit to you and your family. 

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