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April 30, 2019

If you’ve noticed standing water in your basement or crawlspace, it can be a little alarming. Where did it come from? You may be asking yourself. “Was it raining recently?” ”Do I have a plumbing leak somewhere?” Moisture in the space beneath your feet can cause some serious issues for your home if not taken care of properly, like mold growth and structural damage. And it isn't enough to just fix the symptoms, either — solving your excess moisture issues means finding the cause and preventing future moisture infiltration.

As Assured Insulation, we have seen it all in our nearly ten years encapsulating the crawlspaces and basements of Frankfort and Chicagoland, IL and Northwest Indiana.  Here is what you need to know about what could be causing the moisture in your crawlspace, and how to prevent the home comfort issues that moisture can cause.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

The causes of your moisture infiltration will depend on the season. If it is the fall or winter months, heavy rainfall or melting snow can enter through unsealed or open air vents, as well as holes and gaps that lead from your crawlspace to the outdoors. If it is the spring or summer months, then the outdoor humidity has infiltrated those same holes and gaps and is accumulating in your crawlspace or basement.

Crawlspace Vents and Air Leakage

Like we mentioned, if your crawlspace has open vents, they could be the culprit. We also find that many homes suffer from small air leaks within their crawlspace that allow for moisture and humid air to seep into their homes. The first step in the Assured Insulation crawlspace encapsulation process is to seal up and existing air leaks, and to make sure any existing vents are sealed and can fully close when necessary.

At Assured Insulation, we have seen homes that encapsulate their crawlspace or basement experience lasting benefits, such as:

  • Stable indoor temperatures

  • Decreased energy costs year round

  • Healthier indoor air quality

  • No more cold floors

Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of separating the area underneath your home from the outside air, as well as separating it from your living space. Though there are many aspects to sealing up a crawlspace, the two primary goals are as follows.

Installing a Vapor Barrier

After we are sure that no more moisture will be able to enter your crawlspace or basement, the next step in the encapsulation process is to install a thick vapor barrier. This is done using a waterproof vinyl material that is professionally installed to keep moisture out for good. For homes that experience regular flooding or extreme moisture infiltration, installation if a sump pump will keep your home dry in an emergency, and a crawlspace dehumidifier may also be required in order to keep your crawlspace moisture under control.

Pipe, Floor & Wall Insulation

Keeping those unpredictable and uncomfortable temperatures from the crawlspace out of your home is done by insulating your crawlspace walls and insulating the underside of your floors with cellulose or spray foam insulation. This keeps the temperatures inside your home stable and will eliminate those cold floors in the morning!

Insulating the piping that runs throughout your crawlspace or basement further separates your living space from the uncomfortable temperatures down there. This prevents any energy loss that can happen through the material that makes up your piping or ductwork, and increase your home’s overall performance.

Don’t Overlook Your Crawlspace

You may spend most of your time “over” your crawlspace, but that’s no excuse to overlook it! If you have noticed moisture along the walls or accumulated water on the floor of your crawlspace or basement, don’t wait until you see mold or run into an emergency. Take the proactive approach by calling the home performance and crawlspace encapsulation specialists at Assured Insulation. Our experienced and certified professionals will diagnose your crawlspace moisture issues and come up with a whole-home solution that will not only keep your family healthier but also increase your home comfort and reduce your energy costs all year long.

Keep your crawlspace dry with the Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana’s crawlspace specialists. Get ahold of Assured Insulation today and schedule your energy audit! Call 708.570.3260 or contact us.

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