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September 26, 2018

The electricity you use in your home is out of sight out of mind, on a day-to-day basis — until you get that monthly bill. If you’ve ever felt your eyes pop out of their sockets when you looked at an unexpectedly high electricity bill, you’ve probably also tried to come up with all the ways that you and your family can use LESS electricity moving forward.

But what about all the ways you could upgrade your actual home for maximum energy efficiency? That may sound intimidating and expensive, but if you live in Frankfort, Illinois, Chicago Southland, or Northwest Indiana, there are plenty of energy saving incentives and utility rebates to make these upgrades affordable!

Attention: NIPSCO & Ameren Illinois Customers!

If your electricity bill is handled by either the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) or Ameren Illinois, you may already qualify for programs like free LED lights, a complementary energy assessment, or on-bill financing for your energy upgrades.

For NIPSCO Customers

Free NIPSCO Energy Audit

If you have an active NIPSCO residential account, you can schedule a no-cost energy audit from one of the Assured professional auditors to get an accurate picture of how your home is performing.

An energy audit takes a fine toothed comb through your home’s energy usage, so you know exactly where you are using the most electricity. At the end of your energy audit, you will find out what future changes and upgrades to make, and your auditor will provide certain on-the-spot upgrades free of charge — things like LED light bulbs, duct sealing, energy efficient sink faucet aerators and showerheads, as well as water heat pipe wrap and furnace filter whistles.

Income-Eligible Weatherization Upgrades

With the harsh winters and humid summers we experience in the Midwest, weatherization is something each home should be on top of.  The Income-Qualified Weatherization Program helps homeowners in the Frankfort, IL area upgrade their home comfort at no cost. This starts with a complimentary weatherization assessment which inspects your HVAC equipment and insulation levels.

Multi-Family Direct Install Program

For property owners and multi-family housing managers, we offer recommendations for improving building efficiency and reducing energy bills through NIPSCO’s Multi-Family Direct Install program.

For Ameren Illinois Customers

Free LED’s!

Through the Ameren Illinois free LED program, Assured Insulation can provide and install LED light bulbs for free in your home! These energy efficient bulbs last 25 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs, are recyclable and environmentally friendly, and don’t generate excess heat in your home.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

This income-based incentive program from Ameren Illinois provides substantial savings on the most common household repairs. It covers homes with a household income between $36,180 and $123,960 and includes services like air sealing, duct sealing, attic insulation, rim joist insulation, crawl space, basement and wall insulation, and heating and cooling system upgrades.

On-Bill Financing from Multiple Utilities!

Your energy efficiency upgrades may also qualify for a low interest loan through Amaren, ComEd, Nicor, People’s Gas and North Shore Gas. These loans are paid back as an addition to your utility bill each month, and spread out the cost of upgrading your home’s efficiency!

Assured Insulation Is Here to Help You Save

As the go-to experts for the home performance and indoor comfort needs of homeowners in Frankfort, Illinois, Chicago Southland, and Northwest Indiana, our primary goal is to keep you comfortable for less all year round. We're certified, verified, and have years of experience under our tool belt — so schedule your free home assessment with Assured and rest easy knowing we will work to save you the most money possible on your home upgrades!

Don’t be intimidated by the upfront cost of your home comfort and energy efficiency upgrades.We can pair you with the perfect financial incentives and no-cost updates. Call Assured Insulation at 708.570.3260 or contact us to schedule your home energy assessment!

Afraid of the price tag associated with your home upgrades?

You may already qualify for these money saving incentives!


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