February 13, 2019

common places in the home that heat escapes assured insulation infographic

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Did you know that heating your home in the winter can account for nearly half of your energy costs in the colder months? The most effective way to reduce your monthly utility costs this winter is to find the areas where your home is losing heat, from top to bottom.

The stack effect will bring cold air in from windows and holes (blue arrows) and force hot air up and out of your home (red arrows):

Attic hatch

Recessed lights

Dropped soffit

Duct register



Rim joists

Properly air sealing your home, combined with upgrading your insulation will prevent the energy-sucking nature of the stack effect, and keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year round.

Assured Insulation will keep your home cozy and energy conscious, even after winter has passed!

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