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Learn how to tell if your home could benefit from window replacement, or insulation installation for increased comfort, and energy efficiency. Assured Insulation helps homeowners decrease their energy costs and improve their overall comfort with home upgrades and energy audits.

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Avoid the comfort problems of last year and get ahead of ice dams when you schedule an energy assessment with Assured Insulation this fall. Assured Insulation uses blower door tests, infrared imaging, and our extensive experience in home assessments. We can improve your insulation for efficient winter comfort.

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Battle your home comfort issues this winter and save energy with these home upgrades that will leave your indoor temperatures stable and reduce your heating bills. Assured Insulation can locate the issues in your home causing your furnace or boiler to work overtime, like poor insulation and air holes and gaps.

It seems like just another inevitable part of getting through a long Illinois winter — you wake up, crawl out of your warm bed and brace yourself before putting your bare feet on the cold floor. Or maybe you’re fine until you get downstairs where that hallway or kitchen floor makes you run for a rug. If you don’t take a step in your house during the winter without wool socks and fur-lined footwear, it may be time to look at solutions to your cold floor problems.

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Looking to avoid the year-long nightmare that ice dams bring to your Frankfort, IL or northwest Indiana home during the Midwest winter? Assured Insulation knows that ice dam prevention begins in the attic with proper insulation. Schedule your energy audit with the experts at Assure Insulation today!

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Not every basement is the same, but nearly every basement needs proper insulation to keep the rest of your home comfortable! Learn about the benefits of insulating your basement or crawl space, and how Assured Insulation can help you choose the right insulation materials for your unique needs. Call today.

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Learn how a blower door test works, and how the insights from the results can help a home performance contractor find solutions that increase the health of your indoor air. Assured Insulation offers professional energy audits throughout the Frankfort and Chicago Southland area that include blower door tests for insulation and air sealing work.

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Concerned about how airtight your home is? Learn how sealing and ventilating your home is the path to better indoor air quality, from the insulation and air sealing experts at Assured Insulation. Schedule an energy audit today to learn how you can get an airtight seal and properly ventilate your living space.

Increase the value of your home with efficiency upgrades from Assured Insulation Solutions.

Most homeowners in the Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana know that increasing resale value is worth focusing on, even if there are no actual plans in place to sell the home at the moment. Even if you’re looking to stay in your home for a long period of time, there are a number of reasons why furthering your investment is worthwhile, chief among them being the comfort you and your family can enjoy after making valuable home upgrades. By improving energy efficiency, you’ll automatically be working toward increasing the resale value of your home—especially if it was built prior to 1975... Read more

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Are you sick of trying to fall asleep in a hot 2nd floor bedroom? Don't blame your air conditioner—it could be your insulation! Assured Insulation has been helping homeowners throughout Frankfort & Chicago Southland, IL cool down their second floor with professional insulation, crawlspace encapsulation, and air sealing.


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