Is there condensation along the surface of your ducts, making it look as though it is sweating? This is a common symptom in homes once the weather warms up Though it may seem like a rather benign issue, condensation on your air ducts can do more harm than you might think.
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A well-insulated attic has the power to stabilize indoor temperatures year-round, prevent ice dams from forming on the roof in winter, reduce home energy consumption, lower your monthly energy bills, and so much more.
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If you have trouble keeping your home heated or cooled, or if you feel your HVAC systems are running overtime and using too much energy, your home may be experiencing stack effect.
It seems like just another inevitable part of getting through a long Illinois winter — you wake up, crawl out of your warm bed and brace yourself before putting your bare feet on the cold floor. Or maybe you’re fine until you get downstairs where that hallway or kitchen floor makes you run for a rug. If you don’t take a step in your house during the winter without wool socks and fur-lined footwear, it may be time to look at solutions to your cold floor problems.
Insulation is one of those things that homeowners tend to forget about shortly after moving into a new home. “Out of sight, out of mind,” as the old adage goes. Yet inside your attic and within your walls, your insulation could be settling or accumulating mold, becoming less and less effective at keeping your home comfortable. How can you know it’s time to replace your insulation when you can’t always see it?
Have you considered insulating your home? Home insulation has many excellent benefits beyond boosting your home's comfort. Watch this short video to find out more!
Ice dams are a common issue during the winter here in Illinois. More than a mere nuisance, ice dams are a sign of a larger problem in your home. If you had ice dams last year and have not taken action to prevent them, you’re going to have them again this winter, next winter, and the winter after that. Rather than letting your roof and attic become susceptible to water damage, it’s important to break the cycle by addressing the root of the problem.
There are a lot of things Illinois homeowners can do to button up their homes for the winter. Few of them pack more power than the combination of a home energy audit, air sealing and insulation.
A blower door test is used during an energy audit, and is able to locate air leaks by attaching a fan to a doorway to depressurize the house.
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When you’ve got many families living under the same roof and sharing walls, you’re open to a host of unhappy complaints from tenants. No one wants to listen to their neighbor’s favorite television show every evening. And no one wants every word said in private to be overheard by those neighbors, either.


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